The Kane County Circuit Court's KiDs1st Program is a Court mandated Parental Education Program required for all parents and custodians involved in pending cases where the allocation of parental responsibilities may be at issue. The program consists of 2 parts:

Step one is an online program provided by UpToParents.org, followed by a short test regarding the information available on the UpToParents website.
Step two consists of a two hour classroom session. Participants must complete the online portion before registering for and attending the classroom session.

NOTE: The entire KiDs1st Program must be completed before the Court will enter any final custody or Parenting Order.

In order to complete the online portion you must first complete the UpToParents.org tutorial to obtain your certificate of completion and authentication code. Then return to this site and click on the "TAKE the TEST" link. There you will be prompted to enter the authentication code from the bottom of your UpToParents certificate of completion in order to take a short test on the information presented by the UpToParents site.

You must pass the online test in order to register for your classroom session. No need to worry, as you can return to UpToParents.org as often as you like to get comfortable with the information. If you are having any difficulties completing your test, or are in need of an accommodation, please contact us so that we may assist you.

Let's get started.